What should I expect?

My sessions typically last 2 hours. For portraits, I prefer to come to your house because it helps animals (and this includes people) relax and have fun. I also love outdoor location shoots, especially if there's a spot that you find meaningful or familiar. I photograph animals, people, and any combination of the two, so we'll talk ahead of time about what you want and how you can prepare. Everybody has a lot of fun during the shoot itself (the animals I'm close to get excited about my camera because they know what's up). Then, 2-3 weeks after the shoot, we'll meet to discuss print options and enjoy a slideshow of your pet being dapper (and usually hilarious).

What if my pet is skittish?

The secret of pet photography is that no pet really cooperates, and for most animals, everything depends on patience and timing. I'll rely on you to keep your pet comfortable, and you can trust me to catch the good moments. That said, if you have concerns, please reach out and we can talk about how I would approach a shoot with your pet.

How much do you charge?

I charge $150 for a sitting, which includes the 2-3 hour photo shoot and a consultation to discuss options for prints and digital files. Please contact me for a complete list of prices.

What if I have multiple pets?

No problem! If you want individual portraits, two pets are included in the sitting, and you can add additional pets for $25. If you're looking for a group photo, I will work with as many people and animals as can reasonably fit into a frame.